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Young Living Essential Oils

Melissa Manto-Fedczuk

Independent Distributor #14549923

Young Living


I am very passionate about natural, organic products in my home and around my family.  Let me answer your questions and introduce you to these simply amazing products that will change your life.  I’m not kidding, life changing. Sounds a little extreme, but its true.  Here is a little backstory to  how I got involved in Young Living:

I have always been interested in natural products.  But the truth is, I still reached for the bleach to clean the floors or used commercial cleaners on the table my kids would eat off of.  I did so many other things in my home to ensure that my kids grew up in a safe, healthy environment, but I was still using these awful TOXIC chemicals.  I needed to change.

My kids have a medical condition that prevents them from detoxing heavy metals and toxins. We needed to get the chemicals out of our home asap.  We needed to change our lifestyle. DRASTICALLY.

So, after we learned about this, I was really pushed to do something about my cleaning habits and went on a rampage to find something.  I had heard about Thieves along my search.  I didn’t know what it was or where to get it. But if it was good and if it worked, I would try it.  Fast forward a few months, I came across one of my friends talking about THIEVES! Yes, finally found a source for this magic cleaner! I ordered a bottle from her and a week later, my life changed.

LIFE CHANGED.  Not only did this cleaner smell SO good, it worked.  Really worked.  I saw the videos, I read the articles…. but, I have to tell you- I didn’t believe the hype.  I like to research the heck out of products- anything and everything really. I only found good things about this cleaner.  The ingredients are plant based. They are effective and will replace ALL of the cleaning products in my house. It is also saving me a ton of money.  One (14.4 oz.) bottle of the Thieves cleaner will make 29- 16 oz. bottles of cleaner. That amount of savings is unbelievable. You just cant purchase this quality in stores and you certainly cant buy it at this price!

Now, I am cleaning with organic plant based cleaners- and they work better. I am not afraid of my kids licking the table, because, lets be honest- they have licked the table before. I let my kids help me clean now- I don’t have to worry about them getting some toxic chemical on their skin, in their mouth or their eyes. I know it wont hurt them.  It actually will help boost their immune system.  Can you say that about your current cleaners?!

After trying the Thieves Household Cleaner, I tried some other Young Living products.  I read about this company. They are an amazing company- check them out  I wanted to be a part of them. I wanted to learn everything I could about essential oils and I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone.  Everyone needs to live a cleaner, less toxic life- in my opinion anyway. I joined Young Living because I trust them, I truly love their products.  Making this into a business was completely by accident- a happy accident. I want to help others see there is an alternative to living toxic.


Here is a little info on their other Thieves products. Interested in trying something?  Let me know, I will help you every step of the way.  (You do not need to become a member or start a business to buy these products, but you might want to after you see how wonderful they are!)

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