How to Make Foaming Handsoap

I have fallen in love with this easy to make, non-toxic, FOAMING hand soap.

Since we have been swapping out all of the chemicals in our home for non toxic alternatives, I needed to find something that I could make myself to keep costs down. With 3 boys and farm living….we just couldn’t afford to purchase Young Living’s Foaming hand soap all the time. (I need that money for my oils!)

Here is a simple DIY recipe for making your own Foaming hand soap with the super immune boosting powers of thieves essential oil.

First, here is what you will need:

A pint size glass mason jar. (you can find them pretty much in any store)

A Foaming soap dispenser. Jarmazing are my fave!

(The Jarmazing pumps come with super cute labels that say ‘Foaming Soap’)

YL Thieves essential oil (You can also add other essential oils- for my kitchen hand soap, I added Citrus Fresh) *I can give you the hook up to get these super oils. 

Dr. Bronners Castile soap (I am using the hemp with orange oil)

Trader Joe’s Vitamin e Oil

Filtered water (I use distilled, since that is what I use in my diffuser)

How to make:

Add 5tbsp Dr. Bronners Castile Soap to the glass jar. Add 10 drops of thieves essential oil (Or essential oil of your choice) to the soap. Add 5 drops of vitamin e oil to the soap and thieves and gently swirl to combine. Then add 10 oz. of filtered water and put a lid on it to give it a little shake to combine the soap mixture and water. Swap out the lid for the Foaming dispenser and you have a super easy, super affordable and healthy for you soap!

The soap foams up and it smells SO good. My kids race to wash their hands now.

Toxic free living can be (and is) fun!  These are inexpensive and would make WONDERFUL housewarming, birthday or just-because gifts!

Now, I know that it can be hard to make a ton of changes all at once and it can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and/or living a less toxic life, I am here to help! Get in touch with me through the Knots Hollow Homestead Facebook page, through Instagram or use the ‘contact us’ page to find me.

*This website contains affiliate links.

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