White Clover

During this time of year, white clover (Trifolium repens) is flowering in abundance! My bees love it and I love it too. 🐝 White clover isn’t talked about much in the herbalism world. But, it should be. It has many nutrients and when prepared certain ways, it can help certain ailments.

I use the flowers primarily, but the leaves and seeds are edible too. I make a lot of tea, especially during our cold and long winters. A cup of this tea is known to fight fevers and colds, purify and cleanse the blood and you can even use the tea (cooled of course) to use as an eye wash.

I recently found this recipe for white clover pudding. PUDDING!!! 😍I am going to give it a try, but will substitute the cream for coconut cream. So many uses for this sweet little flower!

These small white flowers can be dried in a dehydrator and stored in glass jars for about a year. However, it doesn’t last that long in my house! We love tea!

This would be a fun activity for kids to do!

One thought on “White Clover

  1. Jessica says:

    Your post are amazing! So educational and informative!! Do you make this as a separate tea aside from your tea bags? Is there a taste to this tea?


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