Meet The Animals of Knots Hollow Homestead!

A little introduction of the animals that live here on the farm. We raise mostly chickens for eggs and meat. I raise sheep for spinning yarn, crocheting and weaving. We love all of our animals and hope you enjoy their ‘bios’.


This is Duke and Daisy. They are brother and sister. We have had them before our farm was even a possibility. They enjoy naps in the hay loft, chasing mice and exploring the fields and streams.  We have two other barn cats (Shadow and Camo) not pictured.


This is my sweet girl, ‘ Willow’. She is a rescue from a farmer that basically abandoned her. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but she came with her lamb (Mocha) 2 years ago. She enjoys watching me do barn chores and follows me wherever I go. She eats the most hay and must be the first to get alfalfa treats. She is a merino ewe and has lovely long, crimpy wool.


This is Goji.  Goji was born in the spring of this year. His twin was born first at 11:50pm on one day and he was born a little after midnight the next day. He enjoys frolicking in the field after his mama. He likes to chase the chickens and sleep in the hay pile.


This is ‘Baa-Baa’. (Get it… Baa Baa black sheep…) She is one of my foundation flock. As a lamb, she always got into trouble. She would break through the fences, and then would run off into the flower gardens! She grows the longest wool out of all the sheep in my flock, but she tends to have the most hay stuck in her wool- so she must always be coated to keep her wool clean.  Her babies are Goji and Jasmine. They are her 3rd and 4th lambs.


My very first sheep, Mary. She has always been so sweet and friendly, however he is always nervous around strangers and the kids. She had two twin girls this spring. Petunia and Poppy. They are her second set of twins and 4th and 5th lambs. She produces beautiful white wool that is so much fun to spin.


Twin sisters, Poppy and Petunia. Poppy is the older twin. She is slightly larger and has a black nose. She enjoys jumping over her sister while she naps and running as fast as she can after her mom. I am excited to watch this little one grow as I expect her to produce a fine wool. Petunias the smaller lamb with a pink nose. She is very shy and prefers to hide behind her mama. Although, she likes to chase the cats out of the barn.


Miss Jasmine was the first girl for Baa-Baa and oh boy is she feisty! She is clearly a little devil. She causes all sorts of trouble in the barn. Like, climbing through the gate and running off into the pasture all by herself, or she breaks into the barn and jumps all over the hay bales. Oh, and she likes to jump on top of her mom. She also tells her little brother to do the same. Such a trouble maker.


Meet Lily! She is just over a year old and she is one of Mary’s lambs. She looks just like her mama. She is super sweet and enjoys exploring and following her best buddy, Henry!


Mocha! She is the smallest of the flock (besides the lambs of course), but her personality is massive. She thinks she is the main sheep in charge and is not afraid to show it. She even chased out a fox from the pasture not too long ago! She is one of Willows lambs. She is a merino/shetland cross.


The kids favorite sheep, Henry! Henry was born last year and he had a rough start. Our oldest, Dakota helped me pull this lamb in the middle of the night because he was just too big. After some resuscitation and a long night of warm up, he stole our hearts. He lived in our house for a few weeks where he decided he wanted to be a dog. (Our sheep dog!) He now is one of the flock and enjoys sunshine, flowers and playing with the cats. He is the first one to call out in the morning if I am a minute late with the hay!

4 thoughts on “Meet The Animals of Knots Hollow Homestead!

  1. Jessica Burke says:

    What a lovely farm you have!! Sounds like your flock all have amazing and fun personalities. I can’t even begin to imagine the work that goes into keeping your farm working and to keep your animals healthy but I can tell that you truly enjoy it!! Thank you for introducing us to your furry family 😊


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